Sketchbook/Side Projects

Special Projects:

Little League Baseball Posters

In 2017, I was asked to create a banner for the two little league baseball teams. The banners had each of the player’s names and numbers on them to help celebrate the team and their season.


For the last two years, I have designed a calendar for my intermediate family, my grandparents, and as a school project. The one for my family is usually landscapes and or animals. Lastly, for one of my grandma’s she has a Mickey and Minnie Mouse one and my other grandma has pictures of her and her late husband.

Senior Posters and Graduation Cards

Last year, I was asked to design the senior posters for the Warren Central High School Baseball and Girls’ Tennis teams. This year, I was asked to design posters for Warren Central Athletics and a yard sign.

Apart from athletics though, I have done special projects such as posters and graduation cards for other seniors.

Non-Profit Organizations

This year, I have also done various projects for the VFW and I designed two logos for the Blue Smoke Event.


Stitch as a Catcher

8.5 x 11 inches, Sharpie, September 2016

One of the first things I learned in my Graphic Design class, at Walker Career Center, was how to screen print. For my first project, I decided to draw Stitch as a catcher since I was playing softball at the time. Throughout the year and into the next, I learned how to screen print up to six colors on a tight register.

*!!! I want to make a special note that Stitch does NOT belong to me. I hand drew this for a SINGLE print for personal use. I did NOT print more than one t-shirt for me and I did not sell anything to anyone.*

Menu Menu

Concession Stand Menus

36 x 48 inches, Adobe InDesign, March 2018

These two menu designs are an example of the ones I designed for some of the sports teams last year. I designed a menu layout for the softball, baseball, football, track, and basketball team.


Poly Penguin

8 x 10 inches, Adobe Illustrator, May 2019

This was a low-poly penguin project I did for my Mother’s Day this year.


Batman vs. Joker

8 x 10 inches, Adobe Illustrator, June 2019

This was a low-poly project I did for Father’s Day this year.

*!!! I want to make a special note that the characters Batman and the Joker do NOT belong to me. I simply did this for my dad because he is a big fan of Batman.*

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