What's New and What's Going On?

First year of college DONE and some BIG news!


Whoop whoop! My first year of college is done and actually has been for a few months now xD. Sorry for the long wait!

I have now added some more work to my 2D Artwork page and my Digital Art page. I had a lot of fun during the school year. I learned so much and I absolutely love college. I cannot wait for the next few years!

So much has happened this year not only in school, but also in work. Earlier this year, I was asked to design all the senior posters Warren Central High School Athletics (That’s 16 sports! :)). I am so grateful for all that I have learned and for those giving me an opportunity to create something for them. I hope you all have a great school year and I wish you all the best!

My Website is Up-to-Date!!...Finally


First of all, happy new year!! I hope your 2019 is a good year. I certainly hope mine is especially when 2018 was such a good year xD.

But anyway, there is more art up and new descriptions! The art installation page is also down and replaced with a photography page. I hope you enjoy my art just as much as I do!

Also, friendly reminder, that if you would like me to do a project for you, please look at my resumé for how to get a hold of me. Have a great year!

A New Page?! Also, There's More to Come


So, my senior year is almost over and for my last final project, my teacher wanted us to create an installation. I am happy to report that my installation is up and complete! I have added another page to my website, so you can go check it out on there. :) Now the sad news is that, I will have to return my computer to the school and I don't have a personal laptop yet, but when I do I have some ideas on updating my website. I am very excited to edit and add more!! :)

Oh My Goodness... Why Didn't I Have These Art Pieces Uploaded?! :o


I just realized today, that there were a handful of art pieces that I did not have uploaded to my website. There should be some new ones in the digital artwork page along with the 2D artwork page. Go check them out!

Hey, Long Time No See!


It feels like forever since I have been adding artwork and making changes to my website, but guess what? I added a new art piece! It's under my 2D Artwork page and you should definitely go check it out! Hope you like it because I certainly do!

Hey!... It's Me Again


So, I updated the copyright for this year so no one can steal my artwork. HA! :) But anywho... I added a piece to my digital artwork page and my 2D artwork page, so you should most definitely check them out!

My Webpage is Officially Complete...For Now!


I think I have all the parts that I wanted on my website. I really like the color scheme and the layout of it. I might change the background of the pages, except the landing page. For now though, I think the website in totally me! I'm so excited!

Starting My New Webpage


I finally started my website! Yay! It's still a very long ways away from being how I want it to be, but it's a decent start. I only have this page and the landing page started... I have a lot of work ahead of me. Better get started!!