2D Art

Color Wheel

Unusual Color Wheel

12 x 18 inches, Colored Pencils & Sharpie, August 2015

This project was all about putting our own little spin on the color wheel. The area with the black could have been filled with anything, but of course I chose zentangles. And then, the two shapes near the focal point could have been any two symbols that meant something to you. I chose a circle because I was thinking of yin and yang and then a home plate because I was a softball catcher.

Penguin Drawing

A Home for Penguins

12 x 15 inches, Colored Pencils, January 2016

From when I was a kid, I have always enjoyed coloring with colored pencils. As I have grown up, that hasn't changed, but now I am trying to blend them more and make the colors in the art piece look smoother. This piece was done my sophomore year of high school and it was the first time I really tried to blend the colors.

Old Wagon Drawing

Flashback into Time

8.5 x 11 inches, Graphite & Charcoal, March 2016

For this piece, we were asked to choose any old piece of technology and then add contrasting values within it and in the background. So, for the wagon, I used low-key values and tried to make a gradation inside the different shapes. The background was the same concept, just with high-key values.

Penguin Painting

Penguins Everywhere

12 x 14 inches, Acrylic Paint, April 2016

There’re more penguins! (Can you tell yet that I like penguins?) For this, I really wanted some of the penguins to have a typical penguin color scheme. Then for the others, I chose blue because I thought it would pop nicely against the black, green, and orange.

Martial Arts Swords

The Art of the Swords

9 x 12 inches, Graphite & Charcoal Drawing, August 2017

Do you ever see someone carrying around a sword anymore? Personally, I have not and would be very interested in knowing if someone, somewhere, still did. Swords may not be common any longer, but they are still a symbol of martial arts. Training with swords can teach students techniques that they may use with other weapons, even if it is a different size, such as a knife.

MMA glove and Fan

Martial Arts Core

12 x 16 inches, Charcoal Life Drawing, October 2017

The term "martial arts" can mean a variety of things, depending on who you ask. To name a few, it can mean strength, discipline, balance, or unity. While there are several different arts who train in several different styles, most arts use gloves while training. There also may be an art that uses fans as a weapon, or that may be saved for demonstration teams. This drawing not only represents a few of my favorite items in martial arts, but it represents the strength and diversity of martial arts. Strength being the weapons and the dragon and diversity because of the varying symbols: dragon, yin-yang, or ATA. Being a martial artist isn't just about the strength and flexibility, it's also about being smart whether you're in a fight or not.

Pastel Sunset

Words in Pastel

8.5 x 11 inches, Pastel, December 2017

I tried something new. For the first time, I got a box of pastels and decided to just start drawing and coloring with them. Of course, with me being me, it had to be related to martial arts :) But, they were really interesting to work with and how they blend. I would definitely like to learn more about how to use them and I’m hoping that chance comes in the near future.

Paper Abstract Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract Paper Abstract

I Have Paper and I Have Scissors

8 x 8 inches, Black Paper, Fall 2018

The four pieces above are some of the first projects I was asked to complete in my college freshman 2D Composition class. Most of these pieces started out as a simple square and then was transformed into a new design in pieces. Once the square was in pieces, they were rearranged to create something new.

Radial Drawing

Shape Burst

8 x 8 inches, Graphite, October 2018

One of the many projects in my college 2D Composition class.

Sharpie Drawing Sharpie Drawing Sharpie Drawing

What Can Happen with a Single Sharpie?

8 x 8 inches, Sharpie, October/November 2018

These three were some of my favorite projects done in my 2D Composition class. This class was taken during my first semester as a college freshman and I really enjoyed the class. All three projects had a different 'focus' just like how each week we had a project that focused on that topic. I believe these projects had a focus of space, detail, and line (respectively).

Still Life Drawing

Still Life Drawing 1

18 x 24 inches, Graphite, November 2018

This was the first drawing in my college drawing class where we got to add value. This was different for me, because we were adding values from observing the objects instead of a photograph (looking at photos was how we were introduced to values in high school). I am glad we did it this way though because it was more of a challenge. It was also a great learning experience for me because I learned how to draw it from looking down at an angle instead of looking straight forward.

Paper Bag Drawing

Adding Shadows and Adding Light

8.5 x 11 inches, Brown & White Colored Pencil, November 2018

This was one of the last drawings I did in my college drawing class. The first drawing with adding values, we added the shadows and then the next one was adding the highlights. The paper bag drawing, however, was all about adding the highlights and shadows to create the mid-tones. This concept confused me for a while, but I am glad that I figured it out, because I like how this drawing turned out.


Zentangle Galore!

24 x 30 inches, Prismacolor Colored Pencil & Markers, December 2018

I have always loved zentangles. And for some reason, when a teacher gives me free reign on a project, my mind instantly goes to zentangles. Now since this was in a college class, I wanted the piece to be more thought out and coherent. That's where the biomorphic shapes and monochromatic color schemes come in. The goal was to have the zentangles seem random but be in unity with one another. That is why I chose to use only a handful of different patterns and then repeated those across the composition. I also have gotten critique in the past about my work being busy, so I figured out a way for the piece to still be busy (because I love detail) and easy on the eyes at the same time. Each shape has different patterns throughout and then filled with a range of values of that one particular color. In the end, I absolutely love this art piece and I enjoyed working on it.

Erasure Drawing

Erasure Drawing

18 x 24 inches, Vine Charcoal, March 2019

For this erasure drawing, each student chose a spot to start drawing any area of the still life setup. After we had each drawn for 10 minutes, we would rotate in a circle and draw on other people’s paper until we got back to our own station. Once the rotation was complete and we spent about fifteen minutes trying to adjust our drawing to the way we like, our professor told us we could pick another spot of the setup and collage it with what we already had. So in other words, what you see may not be what was actually seen in the still life setup, but compositionally it still works.

Bust Model Drawing

Portrait Time!

18 x 24 inches, Prismacolor Nupastels and Vine Charcoal, January 2019 & April 2019

The portrait to the left was done during my second semester as a college freshman. Throughout the drawing studio, there were busts with different colored lights shining on them. I had never worked with pastels before, but I thoroughly enjoyed using them and I am very proud of how this portrait came out.

The drawing to your right, is also from my second semester as a college freshman. It was one of the last drawings we did and for this we had a model come in.